Mars Robotics

Why we need Robots on Mars?

Climate Characterization

One of the essentilas goal is to understand the current and past climate on mars and what are the causes for climate change. The environmental conditions and temperature profiles would point to signs that formed the rocks and soil.


Mars geology accounts for the scientific study of the surface, crust and interior of Mars. It provides an insight about the composition, structure of the rocks, history and physical processes that have shaped the planet.

Search for Life

The most explicit goal of Mars rovers is to find any signs of life which might be as small as a mibrobial life form or something unknown to mankind.  Rovers study about mars minerology for water was involved in rock & soil formation.

Preparation for Human Colonization

What is the ultimate plan? To ensure Human settlement on the red planet. Hence, an understanding of the environment for in-situ sites and safe operation of equipment is critical for a self-sustaining human presence on the red planet.

Mars Rover News

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