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nicole (2)Watch the recent Mars Society STEM Education Panels:

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Watch MythWits featuring Mars Society Education Director, Nicole Willett.  The MythWits is a geek pop culture podcast. The show focuses on geek subject matter and presents it with comedy and wit. This episode is titled, “Moving to Mars.” Enjoy the show!

Listen to Education Director, Nicole Willett, on Fringe Radio.  This interview was all about The Mars Society and what we are up to this year and for the future!  Listen here via YouTube.

Red Planet Pen-Read the latest article:

Cameras and Spectrometers Reveal Martian Water Over Decades (Issue #40)

The story of how technology has changed how we see Mars.

By: Nicole Willett

The ability to see is one of the most important aspects in astronomical discovery.  Scientists have invented many ways to see things, including cameras and spectrometers. Cameras have developed over the past few decades from simple analog black and white photography to ultra high definition colored photography.  Spectrometers can also see things, but in a very different way than cameras. Spectrometers have also developed rapidly over the decades. Read more….


Would you like to share a presentation with your class that is all about Mars? Click on this link and enjoy!

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READ Eerie Digest!

The Mars Society’s Education Director, Nicole Willett, has had a detailed article published in the November 2014 issue of Eerie Digest Magazine.

Humans to Mars as a Bridge to the Stars

a Mission to Mars Pic 06Becoming a space faring civilization is the goal of millions of Earthlings. If one pays attention to the universe around him, it is impossible to deny its breathtaking humility. We long to explore, to expand, to go out and touch a piece of another planetary body. This longing is what encouraged NASA and their supporters to stand behind the Apollo missions to the Moon.   President John F. Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the Moon not because it is easy… but because it is hard.” We are on the verge of a new millennial space race. On September 16, 2014 NASA announced the human return to space. They are utilizing Boeing and SpaceX to accomplish this. SpaceX and many others have plans to send humans to Mars. The interest in exploring and settling the Red Planet is obvious.   The first true plans to go to Mars were analyzed in 1948 and published in the 1950’s by Dr. Werner von Braun. Read more…..


20130310-115151The Mars Society’s Education Task Force is reaching out to the public with information in order to help raise awareness of the latest news and discoveries about the planet Mars and its potential as a second home for humanity.  There are many resources available here so we can fulfill the purpose of the Mars Society’s Education Page. Browse our Past Events to see where we have presented.

skype-english-lessonWe are happy to provide your science classes or astronomy clubs with Free Skype or WebEx Sessions.  In addition, we can arrange for a speaker to visit your school, astronomy club or organization to discuss the latest news from the Red Planet.  Please use the contact us form at the bottom of our staff page in order to make arrangements or to see if we have a speaker available in your area.

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