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Our aim is to support all learners, especially teachers. We’re here to help with whatever it is you may want to achieve whether it is homeschooling, classroom teaching, career professional development or if you just have a question about Mars. 


The Mars Society advocates for humans to Mars. Let us know if you have a need for one of us to perform outreach with your organisation or school. If you’re a Mars Society chapter, we are here so assist you in delivery of outreach to your local community. 

Ask a Martian

Mars Society Education and Outreach is committed to getting your questions about Mars answered. We have dedicated members standing by to receive your questions and do the research for you. We introduce your very own Mars reference librarian, just Ask a Martian.  

How to join us

 Are you someone who loves learning and sharing what you know? Join us! Education and Outreach members learn directly from the experts and work as a team on various projects that forward humans to Mars and we are always looking for talented individuals like you.  

Mars Society Education and Outreach relaunches with Mars Talk 

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How will we get to Mars? How does a rocket work? Will the astronauts use a particular vehicle to explore Mars?

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Build the future on Mars with us.

Mars Society Education and Outreach is here to support you and we want to work to build a future on Mars together. Let us know how we can help, give support or answer your questions.